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dedicated and flexible

Micro Cloud is dedicated to bringing you premium SMS, Voice and WhatsApp services that are flexible to your business requirements.

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  • Track and record your campaigns
    View key performance metrics of your traffic
  • Start sending traffic
    Accessible anywhere and anytime.
  • Pause at any moment
    On demand, you can always pause and resume later.

Secure Cloud Hosting

We use our own CN2 Network. CN2 uses IP/MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching), which provide high-performance network indicators, among which the average one-way delay and one-way packet loss rate are all top-notch.

Tier 3 Financial level data servers with high-redundant power guarantee, high-level fire protection system, and complete disaster recovery

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Our services

Our Key Product Services


AboSend is an A2P SMS platform covering over 200 countries worldwide to help businesses engage customers globally. Send bulk SMS to reach consumers worldwide.

Receive text messages globally through a single connection such as OTP Confirmations, Discount Promotions or Notification Reminders.


Through the network interactive service, the voice group-call system can call potential target users. Our Voice AI focuses on "simulating real-person conversations" and "analysis of customers" to help companies decrease of HR costs and accelerate business development.

You just need to log in to the network phone software (as known as “softphone”), thus helping to respond to emergencies with ease and facilitating the collection of users’ opinions.

WhatsApp Business

Reach your customers using multiple WhatsApp accounts using a single platform.

Respond to customers for OTP Verification Codes, Discount Promotions, Booking Reservations, Business Hours.


AboLink lets businesses manage multiple eSIM profiles globally from one platform. Instantly activate eSIMs, cutting costs of physical SIM cards. Use for OTP verification, promotions, bookings, and notifications.

Log in to manage eSIMs easily. Ideal for all business sizes, AboLink offers 24/7 support and reduces plastic waste.


Simple, yet powerful features

AboSend, an A2P SMS platform, connecting to over 200 Global Countries. Send bulk SMS Anytime to Anywhere!
Other Features +
  • Flexible Integrations: SMPP, HTTP, API
  • Long Messaging Compatible
    & Multi-language Support
  • 24/7 Customer Support

  • Direct and Immediate
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Precision Re-Marketing


Automation & Mass Calling

Voice OTP

-Assured Content delivery
Voice OTP sent by phone, you can avoid restrictions such as DND (Do Not Disturb) and other strict policies.

-More immediate
Voice OTP will not have transmission-related delays and traffic problems

-Safe and Reliable
Since voice OTP appears as a call and disappears after being answered and ended, it is easier to prevent fraudsters from stealing your OTP information

AI Voice bot

-Scenario Customization

An open AI platform for enterprise to set up promotional content, communication processes and speech

-Full-Process Management

A system allowing enterprises to optimize, monetize, analyze and generate report for various business circumstances

Mass Calling

-Professional and Interactive
Mass calling to potential target customers by manual communication, pre-recorded broadcast, and marketing surveys through professional and high-speed VoIP networks

-Ease of Use
Special programs to automate mass calling once data is imported


data for your Device

AboSim focuses on providing data for internet of things (iOT)

Sim customization

Different data combinations can be customized as needed. Freely increase internet speed (2G/3G/4G), data usage and extension period.

World Coverage

Services span across Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Africa, Oceania and other major cities

SIM Management

Users can make an instant top-up to their accounts through AboSIM App. Automated process allows enterprises to generate sustainable profits.

Users can make an instant top-up to their accounts through AboSIM App. Automated process allows enterprises to generate sustainable profits.

Unlock Global Connectivity with eSIM

Sim customization

Micro Cloud Technology Pte Ltd (MCT), specializes in eSIM technology. With eSIM, users can enjoy the convenience of managing multiple mobile networks and subscriptions on a single device without needing physical SIM cards when you are in overseas for business or leisure trip.

For more info: esim_cs@microcloudltd.com
Whatsapp CS Support: +65 8828 5388

Important Note: The mobile need to support eSIM in order to use the service.

Steps to Activate eSIM on Android

Steps to Activate eSIM on IOS